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The live acoustic version of the song "Every Day" was performed on November 26 2021 by Derek Palango, in Hamilton, Ontario. It was shot and produced by Derek Palango in Hamilton, Ontario.

Not really about the pandemic: Derek Palango releases live acoustic follow up to 2021 single "Every Day"

This version is stripped right down to just vocals and acoustic guitar; pretty much how most of Palango's songs get started. But for anyone wondering, neither the acoustic version, streaming as of Friday, February 25, nor the original release before it, were about the pandemic.

In fact, the song itself predates the pandemic. It came out of an examination of Palango's own frustrations with social and political paralysis when it comes to dangers facing our environment.

Derek Palango is a singer / songwriter / guitarist from Checkerboard Floors and The Corduroys. Music he has penned and performed has been described as taking the listener to places "only seen on TV or film, such as Degrassi High or a John Hughes movie". Performances with Checkerboard Floors, who are still making danceable music over a decade in, have been described as "nothing short of a blast", characterized by "slick arrangements and crafty vocal interplay." Palango's voice in particular has been described as "vexing... strong yet plaintive". This distinctive style comes through loud and clear in his latest solo work.

"Every Day", was released on May 28, 2021 to all streaming platforms. The song and accompanying music video were produced by Palango from his home in Hamilton, Ontario. The music video was featured in Tinnitist's Tuesday Mixtape of Songs You Shouldn't be Without; the song was featured on Indi 101.5.

"Every Day (Live Acoustic)" was performed on November 26 2021, also in Hamilton, Ontario - with Palango again producing. The track was placed into rotation on Indi 101.5, and featured on Tinnitist's Weekend Mixtape of Songs to Take You to a Better Place.

While the debate rages on about the validity of science, and lobbyists put forth extensive effort to block environmental progress, the world is visibly changing, as we continue to produce and accumulate more waste and greenhouse gasses than the earth can reabsorb realistically in a short time. Despite the onus on individuals to recycle and cut emissions, it ultimately requires major players, corporations and world powers, to significantly move the needle. And therein lies the rub, as we find ourselves in a sort of gridlock.

Recording the song live and acoustic was an opportunity for Palango to revisit it in a way that resembled how it originally came together, with hopes it will continue to connect with people or connect with them in a new light.

Maybe it can serve as a reminder not to leave anything unattended for too long. We may not have all the best answers in front of us. However, that doesn't give us license to sit idling, does it?

Watch the Music Video for "Every Day" (2021)

The music video for the song "Every Day" was shot and produced by Derek Palango in Hamilton, Ontario. It was featured in Tinnitist's Tuesday Mixtape of Songs You Shouldn't be Without.

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